Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend from Hell

I haven't even given the thought to putting time to post, I'm's why.

First the bad stuff:

Last Thursday my wife's cousin Sherry's husband George was killed when he lost control of his car. I don't know a lot of details, but people that saw the remains of the car tell me it was pretty bad. The viewing was today. My thoughts go out to his family, to his son Georgie, his wife and her unborn child. It's just rough any way you look at it for them.

Kat's great aunt Bea passed away earlier today. Kat wasn't extremly close to her, but that is her dad's aunt, and he's pretty much shaken by losing people that he's been so close to for so many year.

The good stuff:

Lynchburg Underground is running pretty smoothly so far. I got the server running and everything. That took forever. So if you're ever on Shoutcast, search for Lynchburg Underground and tell me what you think. I'm hoping to have a website set up just for that and I'll link it from this page. Exciting stuff. I can't wait to put my staff of able DJ's to work.

It's snowing outside. Maybe in an alternate dimension somewhere it's snowing enough for Mike in this dimension to have the day off tomorrow. Nah, wishful thinking.

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