Sunday, March 13, 2005

March 12

Pic from the Show

Art of Destruction


3 Inches of Blood

The Agony Scene

Still Remains


So we're all sitting around Friday night and Shawn mentions that Trivium will be in Springfield Saturday night. That's all we needed to hear. We got tickets, rented a mini van, and drove up to the DC area on the 12th. Damn, that's a long drive too!

First band that played was the Chesapeake death metal trio Art of Destruction. It's ok, stuff, they just lack personality, and I'm pretty sure that is what they're aiming for. Pure aggression, little crowd reaction. It didn't help that Jaxx didn't open their doors until 5 minutes before the first band played. I hear that's pretty typical of them.

Next band was the big surprise. Bleed. Why hasn't a band already taken that name? Their sound matches their name. It's brutal! I loved it and I hope these guys make it big. I'm going to see if I can get some of their demos on my radio show. The band had the crowd do a "Wall of Destruction". If you've ever seen Braveheart you can imagine what that looks like. About 200 people from opposite ends of the floor running into each other. It was pretty intense!

So those were the local acts. Ok stuff!

First Roadrunner band out was 3 Inches of Blood. It was really unfortunate these guys got stuck on this tour. They have a huge following now, but between the shitty sound that Jaxx provides and the fact that these guys scream and scream freaking loud, it was just a lot of ear popping noise. Everyone is still trying to get their hearing back after they played. Huh?

The Agony Scene came out next. At first look you would think this is some kind of gothic love metal group. That was not the case. They came out and played. Again, there wasn't too much that made them stand out, but they're talented enough to start headlining tours by next year.

Still Remains came out next and gosh darnit they were very loud too, byt that time I needed a ciggarette and something to drink, so I retreated back to enjoy a beverage and watch them from afar. They're good! I always enjoy metal bands that have a keyboardist/organist.

Finally, Trivum came out! I have to say I believe the hype about these guys. They put on one of the best shows that I have seen in a long time. Stage pressence, a shitload of talent, intensity, and the crowd loved them. In 5 years I predict myself looking back on this entry and thinking, wow, I remember when these guys played in a little club in northern Virginia; compared to the stadiums they'll be playing in 5 years.

That's my prediction and I'm sticking too it. I had a blast. I just wish 8 hours of driving wasn't involved!

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  1. This show was fucking awesome. I loved every minute of it except the 3 inches of screaming your brains out guys. I agree with Lewis though, they weren't bad, just weren't suited for this tour or the sound set-up.
    I got spit on, sweat on, and caught Agony Scene's guitar pic. It was awesome :) Thannks for driving us all the way up and back.