Sunday, March 27, 2005


Sometimes I just want to smack my family. All of em.

I called my parents up tonight to see how they were doing and to wish them a Happy Easter. Dad tells me right off that Mom was in the hospital from pulling the muscle in her chest and he thought she was close to dying.

...close to dying.

What the hell??!! I didn't say anything but I did get to speak to my Mom who is doing ok, but sounds really week. I have to go see them really soon.
What really just pisses me off and burns my skin is that I don't hear about any of this. Not a damn word until I call them. I think something like that would merit a phone call. I don't care what I have going on in my life, that's just pretty asinine of them.

I know I don't do many rants on my blog but this has to be a rare exception. I moved from Chicago back in 1998 so that I could be closer to my family, especially my Mom. She had suffered from strokes, emphysema and aneurysms. I would just appreciate for them to call me if something happens to her.

The whole stink of this is that it happened at my brother's house. Dave, like me would call upset whenever something happened and he wasn't told. So all this happens at his house and I don't get a single phone call from him. He better consider himself damn lucky that Kat is refusing me the phone to call him. Because he would get a big piece of my mind tonight for just talking out of both sides of his ass!

Rant over. I'll go back to my chopped liver status now.

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