Wednesday, March 30, 2005

This Friday!

Yo Biotches!

Nothing more can be done for this sorry ass town than what's going down Friday at Cattle Annies. 4 metal bands will be playing and tearing it up. I can not stress enough how important it is to pack this redneck bar wall to wall. Find a way to be there, it's cheap and it's going to be loud!

Let me just say that again. Metal Concert. Lynchburg. Metal Concert in Lynchburg! Come on!

And you know what? The next time someone whines about there being nothing to do in town is going to just get backhanded. If this event goes well, there will be a lot more like it.

Be there or just shut the hell up.

I sure do cuss a lot. I'm really a nice guy..I just have a low BS tolerance. Really, really low.


  1. *happy dance of metal love*

  2. Lynchburg is going to bleed metal one day. Mark my words!