Friday, April 8, 2005

So Much Love!

You have to be kidding me. Over 1000 people have visited my blog? Dang, thanks guys (non gender specific). That's pretty cool. I hope people will continue to find useful information and insightful commentary.

This has been a horrible week! I came down with your run of the mill colds on Monday and I have been out of commission ever sense. I can't breathe, talk, swallow, eat, drink, and move. So I'm pretty much legally dead until it passes over. On top of everything else, I've vomited and developed some kind of pimple under my eyelid. I can't even close my eyes without pain!

I visited the doc, he gave me stuff for the congestion and for the sinus and ear infections that I have. I have a lot of pus in my head now. Whatever you do, don't squeeze my skull. It could get ugly.

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