Sunday, June 5, 2005

I Love You Too!

So I get up this morning to tweak my template a little and see that I've gone over 1500 views of my site. I'm tickled to see people checking it out! I'm humbled more than anything. I hope everyone enjoys the content and continues to check me out.

I haven't posted much of the in's and out's of my life lately, but I'll try to post somewhat of a recap.

  • Yesterday we went to visit the inlaws at the campground. They were holding some kind of a hippy VW Busfest because there were a hundred of them there complete with fat, aging baby boomers..I mean hippies. It was really cool, though. Sometimes I wish I could have been alive then. I know I would have had my own mystery mobile, long hair, and lots of...grass.
  • Jessi is spending the week in North Carolina with her family. It's sure quiet around here. I just really hope she recharges and enjoys her time with her husband, parents, and her sister.
  • I spend a lot of the weekends queueing up music for the station. If you check this out on the weekends, be sure to go to Shoutcast, search for Lynchburg Underground, and tune in to some good metal tunes.
  • The wife and I are taking steps getting ready to move to Richmond. This week I'm going to look at housing again and employment. The plan for me is to transfer and I'm really hoping to land something in direct sales. A paycheck is muchly needed, but a commisions check on top of that would just be sugar on the icing.

That's all for now. Thank you all again. It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am, but dangit I'm really trying!

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