Sunday, July 3, 2005

It's About That Time

That's right. It's time for more random thoughts from the central processing random thought generator that I like to call "My mind".
  • Camping with the inlaws and my friends is a lot of fun as long as drunken neighbors and mooching liquor hounds don't happen across the campgrounds.
  • The pre college stress is really starting to hit Kat and myself. We are scraping up what we can to make damn sure she's attending classes this fall. This is her calling. She will be checking into the dorms this fall and I will still be in the LBC. By January I should be joining her in the big city.
  • Jessi and I will be working on live programming for The Lynchburg Underground this fall. We are also going to podcast the shows on iTunes. I think it will take off and I hope a lot of college kids will get to hear the programming. I'll have more info about this as time goes on.
  • Speaking of Jessi. Sexual harassment Sunday went well. Allen and I detailed her car and she only had to wear a bikini and tolerate our obsene pornographic advances. The only problem is that it's never ended. We're all constantly hitting on her and making advances. She will be ready for radio by the time we're done with her.
  • Last weekend was a complete blur. We went to Doodie's bar and drank and drank and drank. We all got a little crazy and I had the most fun I've had in a long time.
  • Shawn's friend Brad is visiting for the weekend from DC. He is one cool f'ing cat.
  • I'm liking the content I'm adding to my blog more and more every day. I've put My Digg News on there, and I hope to have some more banners for everything from metal to tech news. I'm going to have an entertaining site if it kills me.
  • Everyone's got a myspace account now. Welcome to the bandwagon.
  • July's going to be a busy month. We're going to Richmond this weekend to see St. Diablo and then of course they'll be in town on the 21st. We then are going to Ozzfest 3 days later and the wrecking crew will be representing!
That's all for this week. Keep listening to the station and keep checking back for new content. It's going to be a fun month I think.

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