Monday, July 25, 2005

One Year Ago...

I meant to do this on Saturday, but in the battle over memory, senility won. Can you believe that in a year's time:

  • In July, I was stoned and craving a glazed doughnut frozen beverage?
  • In August, I was a 16 year old having trouble with my DSL and spyware?
  • In September, I was a hacker recovering from Ozzfest 2004?
  • In October, I became a Korn, Chevelle listening uncle?
  • In November, I was celebrating Firefox 1.0, Collective Soul and the life of ODB?
  • In December, I mourned the passing of Dimebag, Ken Jenning's run on Jeopardy, and the end of a fun year?
  • In January, Kat found Harry Potter. I found the flu and St. Diablo.
  • In February, Mudvayne let me down, and I shared my passion for starting a band.
  • In March, I saw Slipknot, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Bleed, Art of Destruction, 3 Inches of Blood, The Agony Scene, Still Remains, and Trivium. I turned a year older and really really ready!
  • In April, the Pope died and I found my confidence.
  • In May, we partied for Jessi's birthday and finally got to see Star Wars, Episode 3!
  • In June, I battled a mosquito, went camping, partyed and answered questions from Salma Hayeck.
So what a fun year I had! I definately want to thank everyone that shared the year with me and enjoyed my insanity. I can't wait to recap another fun year!


  1. You forgot that a year ago the Megan entered your life!

  2. Oh yeah...sorry!

    August 2004 Bunny Man was born! Yay!

    Mostly, I just recapped some things as they happened in my blog. This in no way is a full year in review.