Saturday, July 23, 2005

Still Sore?

Not really, Adriana. Thursday night was a lot of fun, though. The Wrecking Crew was out in full force. We left around 8 to get there early enough to hang out. We were all hoping for a much larger crowd than we got, but the people that did show came to have a good time.

Delete the Day started off. I had no idea that you could get 5 people together in Lynchburg of all places and create a pretty decent band. I hope they can find some success. I know they're working hard too on creating a scene here in town.

St. Diablo was next. We gave them an hour set this time. They played some songs from their next CD. They're in the studio now finishing up. They played a crazy set! Shawn came up and helped with a couple songs which was a decent surprise.

The people that had never heard St. Diablo before were all blown away. I always get asked what they sound like. A lot of people found out on Thursday and loved it. I wish them the best on their upcoming tour!

So today I relax as much as possible in preperation for Ozzfest. Everyone is psyched about it. We're pretty much taking 2 cars and driving back that night. So Monday I won't wake up at all.

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