Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I made it

I made it!

I’m now in Richmond, almost 100% officially. Kat and I had a billion things to do just to get moved:

We will have the gas on tomorrow so that we can finally take a hot shower. That has been the roughest part of all. The phone was turned on today, I reactivated my AOL until I can decide which broadband service to use, we both have been unpacking from a mountain of boxes, arranged for the interview for work on Friday, and we even did a little grocery shopping. Kat’s been going to school all week and she just left for Lynchburg to pick Topaz up.

The neighborhood is ok. I kinda expected for an apartment that hooked us up with little security deposit and bad credit approval for it to be a little ghetto. But it’s not really that bad. The neighbors are actually fun. The biggest crackheads among ‘em are the white kids. Go figure. I do have an interesting time getting out of our parking lot at night. There has to be 20 kids playing football in the driveway. I wonder how many I can run over before I get in trouble.

I miss my friends…I don’t miss Lynchburg one bit, but God has it been a rough couple of days. Kat and I have both been miserable.

There’s a lot to go over. I’ll go ahead and post more later on. Good times I tell you…good times.


    You must tell me how the interview went!!!
    Not much going on here. Tis boring without you both :( I got Best Buy gift certificates and don't know what to get with them!!! I'm sure I'll think of something though ;)

  2. You should spend those gift cards on me of course :)