Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mi Amigos

It’s never been proven that friendship is a vital part of life such as breathing or having a heartbeat, but I can honestly say that without my friends, I would be completely lost, if not dead on the inside.

Kat and I have had a rotten month, my job transfer is still yet to happen, temp agencies are yet to call me back, even the job that I applied for with Capital One…nothing. It’s like I am personally smashing the dreams of the dearest person in my life. I can’t think of a lower point at any time in my life.

My friends have been my glue. The words of encouragement, their optimism, their faith in me is really keeping me alive. I wish I could say I was overstating things.

Thank you my friends. I could never repay you in a million lifetimes. Words at this point are all I can afford and I hope I can make a good down payment to show my appreciation.

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