Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Saga Continues

Yep, when all else fails, it's time for random thoughts:

  • We have pretty much completed our move. All I think we have to do now is throw away all those boxes that we've broken down that were used to carry all our stuff.
  • The interview went well today. I hope things can progress so I can finally start working! I have another interview Monday so everyone shouldn't uncross their fingers or stop saying prayers just yet.
  • I'm starting to be able to navigate my way around town just a little bit more. I still can get lost at the drop of a hat, and I have a feeling the same thing would happen to 3/4's of this population. The potholes are killing me though. I think I've lost 4 teeth since I got here from having them rattle from my jaw!
  • Topaz is adjusting to her new digs, but she is deathly afraid of ceiling fans. I have to leave the one in the kitchen off for fear of her not going in there and thus using our bed as her toilet. Not good. She does seem a lot more loveable than she ever has. She has to be right between Kat and I and she won't let us close her out at night.
  • Hot water from gas is friggen hot! I think I've grown back that layer of flesh that coats the outside of my body! I have it turned all the way down too, I think I'm just thin skinned or something.
  • I miss my friends :(
  • I keep looking at the Alley Katz website and thinking, damn it's going to be a fun autumn. I hope people can come and enjoy these concerts with me, ahem!
  • Speaking of my friends. I know most of them have cell phones with long distance, why in the hell is my phone not ringing? Some friends huh?
  • Lynchburg is officially a joke. I found a perfect, new seal for their city. There have been repeated attempts to get some kind of rock/metal scene going. Yet again there was no attendance at this weeks concert. I hope the people that are planning these events give up and I sincerely don't want to hear another person there bitch and moan about not having anything to do. Idiots! Thank God I'm out of that crusty, pathetic town!
  • I'm not addicted to Texas Hold 'Em. I'm on a lot as MikeyL31. Come look for me, I'll gladly take your play money from you! I, I'm not addicted to it, at all.
  • I miss my friends :(
  • Kat is having a time adjusting, you can read more from her blog at her myspace account. Her friends should be willing and able to support her. We'll see, ahem!

Ok, that's all for now. There's play money to be won online. Ciao, etc.

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