Sunday, October 9, 2005

This WebSpace

I'm quite proud of my little home on the internet, but I figured if I want people to get something out of my page, I might as well give a little 3 hour tour. It's ok, I'll have you back by dinnertime.

Naturally you see the content down the middle of my page. I try to keep it up to date with interesting articles, jokes, personal entries, and upcoming events. Since that's all that flows through my mind anyways, I might as well build my site around that.

The left sidebar is mostly my advertising space. On that side of my webpage anyone can get useful information, view the sites that I look at regularly, and even download the software that I use every day. It's my way of giving back. I hate seeing people using less than adequate software that leads to viruses and spyware.

I also give people the chance to click on my friends' blogs and check out what's going on in their lives. They are much more interesting than I am, mostly. You can even search TheLewisShow for something buried away in the archives. Best of all, I link the Red Cross, because we should all help, even if it's a little.

On the right sidebar, I feature another view into my life as far as any plans that I have made and information about the site itself. There I feature past entries, and of course my blogger profile. I really need to update that. I think I was a 14 year old Korean girl when I started out. I also have a super cool counter with my buddy Fizzgig keeping count. Good Fizzgig, don't bite.

I also have the link for my radio station. I'm on dial up, but as soon as I'm on broadband again, I will continue broadcasting. My metal station will rule the world! The coolest thing on my right sidebar is my digg news. I frequent for my geek news, and I get to post the items that I'm reading on the web. The cool thing is anyone can benefit from what I'm benefiting from.

So I never want to hear that Mikey knows everything because if anyone takes 10 minutes with my site, then they will know exactly what I know. So no excuses.

I'm also always open for suggestions, if anyone would like for me to link their blog, just email me (I have my email hyperlinked). I'll even make a cool button for you. I welcome any comments or emails on any content that may not look right. I've spent quite a bit of time updating and putting in html and sometimes there are glitches that I can fix.

Thank you all again for checking my page. It does my heart good to sign on and see 100 people have checked me out since I last logged in. If I could hug you all I would, but I have kooties.
Now enjoy to the fullest.

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