Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Recap

I had a really good Christmas. Let me list the goodies that Santa and my friends got for me:

An undisclosed amount of cash that has already been spent on food and necessities.
The In Flames CD and the new Korn CD (Jessi, you rock!)
A candle that I broke while I was opening it (sorry, Megan I loved it the whole 2 seconds I was holding it)
A Playboy calendar
Various articles of clothing.
A really cool eel skin wallet. Who wants to feel my eel?
Old Spice aftershave
Kat got me a small mp3 player. I loves it!
A professional poker set. I can’t wait to kick everyone’s ass

I’m sitting here trying to think of what else I got for Christmas, but it’s not coming to mind. I’m not into material shit too much and it was the thought that meant more to me than anything. So thank you all!

I spent most of the weekend with my best friend at her apartment. She has done such a good job cleaning up the place since her ex has left. I’m so proud, Jessi! Thank you Megan for helping her. That means a lot to me too.

Basically I sat around the apartment and we watched movies and I harassed Kitty. We then got the crew together and grabbed supper at Friday’s. We tore the place up as we always do. I did not want to head back to Richmond but alas, I must work to make that money.

This weekend we are heading back to Lynchburg to have a Wrecking Crew New Years. I’m sure we’ll be doing many fun and regrettable things. I can’t wait. Move over, Jessi and make room on that sofa…just wipe it down first!

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