Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Favorite Things

Oh yes oh yes. It is December. That wonderful month of giving and receiving gifts. Every year I try to make a wish list and publish it online for my friends. Now. I don't expect anyone to be able to afford half the things I list, but I do put plenty items that are very much affordable. And besides, I'm worth it.

First as I always do, I link my Froogle shopping list. Everyone should make their own. It's fun! My Favorite Things!

Now, outside of that stuff, which I'm sure blew most of you away, I do have necessities. Here's a short list:

  • socks
  • shoes size 12 1/2 preferably black maybe even a pair of boots
  • slacks (khaki, stone, black, gray, brown, green) Email me for the size because I'm too fat to disclose such information. I need jeans too, badly. Black cords are great!
  • T shirts size xxx large. They shrink down to my size. Metal shirts are welcome!
  • pullovers, sweaters all xxx large
  • cash, I need nothing more than cold hard cash. That's what I really want
  • gift cards for those of you that feel giving the gift of green is tacky. Anywhere that sells clothing is perfect. Best buy would be dangerious b/c everything I want from there is upwards of two hundred bucks!

The reason I mostly posted clothes is because when I moved I threw out by mistake 3/4's of my clothes. So be kind. Give the gift of threads.

If I remember something, I will put it in froogle, or I will put it in as a comment. Happy shopping, and remember to enjoy the season despite the stigma not to enjoy it.

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