Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Fun Times

I had such a good time this weekend.

Friday night, Kat worked so we didn't do anything. Saturday afternoon Jessi comes back into town to hang out and to go to the St. Diablo show at Alley Katz on Sunday night.

Saturday we mostly hung out at the apartment. We went out and grabbed dinner at Red Lobster. I forgot my debit card like a dumbass so I had to owe her for Sunday. We then went to grab some movies at our local ghetto movie and porn shop. No, we didn't grab porn, but she did buy Star Wars 3, Stealth, and got Harold and Kumar goes to Whitecastle and SWAT for free.

I don't think that we went to bed until around 5AM. I just miss hanging out with my best friend so much. It was very good to catch up...and very much needed. We sent some pictures to the Mudvayne street team. I wonder if they'll get published..

Sunday we just sat around and did little to nothing. Just like the good old days. Watch movies and pick on poor Jessi. It was good to see Episode 3 again, because I had only seen it 1 3/4 times before.

About 4:30 we headed out to go shopping. Jessi needed an outfit so we went there and then went to Target to kill some time. Somoene was being really frisky in the store. Kat and I had a time containing her!

About 6ish we went downtown to catch the show. This was a great concert.

Ann Bolynn was just a fucking great act. I was surprised. I thought for a second, great, another group of emocore posers, but they had a pure aggresive act. Actually with all that energy they should have come out later on the card. Look them up on myspace, you have to see them if they hit your neck of the woods. I love it. Kids living out the rock n roll dream. I wish them luck. They will get a lot better.

Falling Under was up next. The energy wasn't there as it was for the last band, but yes, yes, yes they were intense, and loud. That's my kind of band. No apolgies, just kick ass metal. I'm going to catch them as much as I can...they remind me of my band.

Next was Covet the Knife. I like em. Their style is great, but I could tell they need to feed off of a big audience. They're brand of hardmoshcore music had my head throbbing, but it's good to get my ass kicked now and again. I think I'll go see em again the end of the month at Alley Katz!

Last up of course, St. Diablo. The crowd was stoked. They were shooting a video, the women were crazy, the pit was intense, I loved it. I stayed up front with munchkin so she could see the act up close and play entice the band with mundo cleavage. My wife stayed back, very wise, until some idiot crashed into her and knocked her over. If I saw that I would have kicked someone's ass. Good thing I didn't!

We got back home, I walked Jessi to the car, hugged her goodbye around midnite and sent her on her way for her week of fun and frivolity.

That's about it. Now that I'm in the middle of the week it's the same stuff, different day.

Tomorrow I have to get my tire plugged. I've been riding on the spare for over a week and that's not good. Friday I'm off to Warsaw to get new tires from my dad. Merry Christmas to me, Saturday evening it's off to Lynchburg to celebrate with Kat's family and by Monday, we'll be heading home.

I'm going to be so tired. So, so tired.


  1. You forgot about where you picked me up and I squeeled into Red's ear Saturday :P And yes indeedy, much fun & frivolity has been had.

  2. OK, as requested


    As per our usual routine when I see Jessi, I pick her up and give her a bearhug. This time, however, she was on the phone with Megan. When I did she squeeled into the phone.

    there :P