Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Taste in Women

I remember a conversation I once had with Jessi where I couldn't really think of any celebrities that I really found attractive. Sitting here today I thought I'd rack my brain and come up with a few examples of celebs that really do catch my eye. I'll even try to explain why, which I can promise will not make sense at all. And yes, some of these are from my more impressionable younger pubescent years too!

First of all I have to say that Scarlett Johansson has really caught my attention. I will admit I really liked her as a brunette in The Perfect Score, but this image just shows her down to earth elegance. I told you this would make no sense.

I used to watch The Practice on ABC all the time. Its rare I like courtroom dramas, but it was cutting edge for it's time. One big reason I watched, Marla Sokoloff. I don't really know why she grabs my attention, I will say that I've always thought long straight hair was the way to go for a woman and well, her's is pretty straight. She really does look like the girl next door too.

Kate Beckinsale! Is the accent? Is it the way she looks in leather? I'm sure it's a lot of everything. I can't say I was every really insane over her until the Diet Coke ad (picture to the left).

Elisha Cuthbert is next. I just like her style. She has that confidence I guess that makes almost anyone sexy. Of course she was amazing in The Girl Next Door. Yes, pornstars, what luck!

We all remember Krista Allen from Liar Liar. She was the hot stacked lady in the elevator. I just like the way God and silicone have stacked her body together. She just has that look like she's crazy in bed too.

Kristin Davis...I can't say I ever really got into Sex in the City, but whenever the wife had it on, I'd always stop and start at her quiet beauty. I don't know what it is about her. She glows to me. It's the long, straight hair too!

We all remember Joan Severance from The New Love Boat! (kidding) I'm sure most remember her from The Red Shoe Diaries and other films I'm sure. I don't know why I remember her, I do remember a Playboy spread that she did many years ago, and if anyone has seen it, they will understand my love of pearl necklaces.

Rachel Hunter. I just want to be her pool boy!

Stephanie Seymore was very, very, very, very, helpful to me during the sensitive years of my puberty! I need say no more.

Last up is Anna Nicole Smith. I'm kidding. This is Victoria Silvstedt. The real reason I've always been crazy for her is really her height. I wanted to find a picture to display that, but they're way too racy for my blog. Google her for yourself.

I will say that I have a narrow definition of what is beautiful on a woman. There is one more lady that I know personally who is not a celebrity, she is not on magazine covers yet, though I know one day she will be. That would be my wife. Happy Valentine's Day, love. No matter how much you might think you don't compare to those women above, you will always outsmoke them anyday in my black book.

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