Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Weekend Review

Now that I've had a full day to recover, I'll recap the events of the weekend.

Friday evening Jessi makes it into Richmond from Lynchburg and picks us up. We pack up jump in the car and drive straight back to Lynchburg. Once there I was asked to do my wife's sisters taxes. Needless to say I did the wrong, but I tried. I strongly advise though if anyone is going to do a free online tax return, to use TurboTax. The other stuff just didn't calculate right. I was just lured by the word "free".

Saturday morning after a yummy McDonald's buscuit, Jessi and I begin the tedious and dangerous task of cleaning out her apartment. The girl's got a lot of stuff and threw a lot of it away, but one person should not have more worldly possessions than all of her friends combined! But I digress, she likes it when I fuss at her anyways.

Shawn, Megan, and Kat show up later in the morning with the moving truck and we start moving heavy items. This went on all day and at a certain point in the evening, we called it a night, and went to have a birthday celebration for Kat. It was pretty much uneventful as far as a wrecking crew party is concerned, but we were too tired I think to just..throw down. We did play poker and I was doing pretty good until the last hand. Kat just got lucky!

Sunday morning, Jessi and I are up again early and we start throwing stuff out. Again it took all of us the whole day to get stuff out of the house. By the time the Super Bowl started, we had no completed rooms. By the time I left which I think was around 9, the only thing left to do was call the thrift store to pick up the sofabed and dresser, and clean out a few items in the living room.

Sunday night Jessi packs Kat and I back into the car and drive 2 hours back to Richmond. She then heads back into town to get things finished up Monday morning.

I can say I'm pretty much still exhausted, but I am very grateful for everyone's help so that my lil buddy start her new life...again. And good luck to Jessi..I just hope she learns how to minimize..just a little.

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  1. Thank you again Mikey :) And EVERYONE!
    I'm slowly getting settled and stuff. Already have 2 boxes that can leave!