Monday, March 13, 2006

Appomattox ... boring.

But I don't think I've ever had so much fun being bored in my life. I needed the quiet getaway from home.

Jessi came in as usual to pick us up from Richmond and took us back Friday night. We stopped over at her house so she could change into her pirate outfit. Oh, yes sir I do have pics. I'm only sharing one though, haha. Want more? Check out her myspace and comment!

So she was the only saucy wench at Allen's pirate disco party. It was actually pretty small and lame, but if Allen had a blasty, well then so did we. We mostly sat outside and watched this guy from Brooklyn called Juice freestyle rap. He was amazing.

We all went our seperate ways after the "party", and I went back to Appomattox with Jessi. We tried to figure out that new beltway and ended up somewhere in Amhearst so we took the way we knew back home. I got a yummy pretzel out of it though.

Saturday we lounged around a bit then headed off to the Jessi family cabin on the James River. They have an awesome set up over there once they get everything finished. It looks more like a cottage than a cabin though. We layed out in the sun (look ma, no tanlines) for a few hours until the clouds consumed the sun then headed back to Appomattox.

After not hearing back after a few voice mails to the rest of the wrecking crew, we decided to rent some movies and hang out with Jessi's roomate Sherri. Had a blast. Had Chinese food. Slept like a baby. Just Friends is a pretty funny movie. It's good to laugh at someone else's misery for once.

Sunday I think we did next to nothing. The only time we went out was to get some lunch, but I think that was it. We watched Walk the Line. Johnny Cash was one crazy soul. That night we packed up and headed back to the ghetto. I feel so relaxed from the weekend. I hope next time we can all coordinate hang out times so we can go back to our destructive ways.

The car is back in Hampton! Tomorrow I'm hoping Dad can get off work early and pick up Kat so she can go get it. It's been a very, very long 3 weeks and it's about time we got our independance back!

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