Thursday, March 9, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Thank you, Angelina! Yeah, today is my birthday and I'm 32 now. I don't feel 32 though. I think I still have the mind of a 22 year old. I think I just lost those 10 years somewhere. What's up this weekend?

Friday night, Jessi will be coming to pick Kat and me up from Richmond and rushing us back to Lynchburg. Once there, we are going to Allen's birthday party at the skatepark. He's 30 this year. Welcome to old age, buddy! They are having some kind of pirate party. Leave it to Capt. Butt Pirate himself to think something so silly up!

Then Saturday night, I believe we are having my party at the inlaws. I think I will have my own bottle of Jagermeister to nurse along with all the shots of drunkeness that Shawn can put together.

I'm looking forward to it, I just know tomorrow is going to drag. And Monday I'm going to be a friggen zombie!

We still don't have the car back yet, but we should be getting it early next week. I just wanted to give a big public THANK YOU to Kelly and Leslie from work for giving me a ride, and taking me to the grocery store to buy feminine supplies for my wife.

I have the best friends in the world I'm blessed beyond my own imagination!

So much music news. Also for my birthday Tool announced their new CD is coming out May 2. Thank you Maynard and Tool! Best. Present. Ever!


  1. Nothing like getting older...believe me...I am 35 (almost 36), with the mind of a 21 year old, the memory of a 50 year old and the intestines of 101 year old drunk...wahoo...whens my wake, so I can make plans to be please...heheehehe...
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. I'll drink to that! Thank you for the wishes and the cake. That was super nice. Kat scarfed it down in seconds.

  3. Happy Birthday Mikey!!!
    Chuck Norris says,
    X32 :)