Monday, March 20, 2006

Mikey Version 2.8 Released

I posted just a couple days ago, things and ways to improve my life. To improve my image, to make myself a better person so I can enjoy me and others can enjoy me too.

Well there's another kink in this process tonight. I'll be doing this on my own. After knowing Kat for 7 years (as of March 28th), we are going to go our seperate ways. It's not fair to her to blab all of my business on my blog, but now I have to rethink all of my steps again. I have to prove to myself that I do have enough ambition and drive to start over again and to make something out of my life. I'm planning to get my bass and my amp, work on my skills, and start answering ads to join metal bands.

I know at my age, that just dosen't sound but so cool, but I'm only 32 by number. I'm not mentally 32. In a lot of ways I'm an old worn out semi retiree, but deep inside there's that 22 year old wanting to come out again.

I'd like to "spin records" again on the weekends, I miss being a DJ. There's just so many things that I've wanted to do but I've put on the back burner, that I might come out of this actually liking who I am. That's most important right now.

So, here I come....again. Or is it...there I go...again? Or is we go again? Damn Whitesnake song!

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  1. Hang in there can do it...just take your time and get things can do it...sorry I was so out of it today...had a few issues this past weekend myself...still getting through them...we will have to do lunch out of the office later this week...