Sunday, April 2, 2006

Another Weekend...poof!

These two days that I get off at the end of the week are great. But they go so fast.

It probably gets tired every personal post involves Jessi, but she came over this weekend to hang out and check in on me. We were going to hit up a house party in Lynchburg, but after looking at the gas prices and the limited budget that we had. We decided to stay here in Richmond. I figured she could use the peace and quiet anyways...and I needed the company.

We then noticed Bullistic was playing at the Canal Club, but I decided against that too. Come to find out Unhinge was playing too! They just got back together...dammit. We both collectively kicked ourselves big time for missing out on that! Good news is they are playing in May with Saint Diablo!!!

So what DID I do this weekend?

Friday night we went into town for Red Lobster. I owed her dinner from a bet we made earlier this year, and I felt it was a good time to pay up. We both this afternoon finished the leftovers finally. We got our 30 bucks worth. We stayed in after that and watched Clue. I think I was a child when I saw that last. Cute movie.

Yesterday morning we watched Doom. Yes, lame movie, but I grew up playing the game, so what the hell. I did like the plot twist in the end, but the ending stunk after that. We mostly sat around and got caught up. It was good talking to someone besides the cat.

Sunday we ventured into town to get my hair cut. I am so fuzzy now! I haven't cut my hair since July, 2005 before Ozzfest. It's much cooler outside now that I don't have my mane. I look good though. Once I shed this weight I think I'll look pretty damn sexy.

So thanks again, Jessi for being there for me. And thanks for the blank CDs! I won't have any left by Tuesday.

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