Sunday, April 9, 2006

The Mysterious Mike

It's come to my attention that I'm this dark, strange, confusing lad. I'm just going to take a minute and honestly give a recap of a period of my life that has caused great consternation among my friends. Since they're so good at blowing things way out of proportion. I would rather them chew and distort the truth and the facts, rather than sensationalise me.

In June of 1997 I met a woman. This woman's name was Debbie. We met at the Dollar Theater in Lynchburg which carried over to the McDonald's on Wards Road. From there the conversation went to her motel room in Appomattox, VA. There wasn't very much conversation there. We pretty much just shagged the remainder of the time that she was in town.

She came to visit her brother who lives in Danville and to take care of business that I never honestly found out in Lynchburg. Nevertheless, as she was leaving, I thought to myself. I think I'll move back to Indiana with her. I was failing miserably out of college, and I figured I had let everyone down enough, I'll just start over in a completely new location. Indianapolis just sounded like the thing to do.

So I packed up my things, called my parents which were not expecting this phone call. They were in shock. All I heard were accusations, screams, and cries. I can understand that now, and I highly regret what I did to my parents. This came from nowhere. I was hoping they would at least understand and I underestimated their anger over me quitting school. I thought, hell, I'll go back. I'll figure out what I want to do later. I'm 23 years old, I can do what I want. (Sound familiar?)

So my possessions fit in the back of Debbie's 1996 red Dodge Ram. I don't want people to think I'm making up details. I still know the license plate if anyone wants to run it, they're more than welcome to do so. I got to Indy and she gave me her 1986 gray Camero T top. I loved that fast. She had it fixed up nicely. I took a job with her managing the 56th Street KFC on the north side of Indianapolis. I hated it, but it was good money. I then, I believe, quit and was unemployed for 4 weeks, while I tried to find another job. So from 1990 up through 2006, I have been unemployed a total of 10 weeks. Yet I'm the loser bastard. Go figure.

I found a job working in reservations for American Trans Air in Indianapolis. I can't quite remember the location, but if anyone wants to research the company and check to verify my employment there, they are more than welcome to do so. I linked it all nice and pretty.

I worked there and moved my way up quickly, because it was a really young airline. I moved up to ATA Vacations, which sets up not just air travel, but books hotels, and arranges for other fun charters with old people who want to see the world. The younger people were discovering Priceline and didn't really care to have a travel agent.

To prove a really sad and weak point to Debbie, in April 1998, after living with her for one year and after going through some of the hardest times in my life. I married her. We did so at the Indianapolis courthouse. We honeymooned in Orlando because back then, if there were seats open on a plane, I could fly for free.

Once back to Indy, I was working and floating 2 jobs staying with Debbie and staying with my drinking buddy Terry (a guy), in Chicago. 91 days after Debbie married me and vowed to love and honor me, she sat me down after I cut her lawn and said "I never loved you, you are a great man, it's not you, it's me". Story of my life...

So I moved with Terry in Chicago for a bit, until my beautiful ex Debbie turned her brothers against me. I met them at a nightclub one night unaware their intention was to stomp a new mudhole in me, and they proceeded to do so. I have the knife wound on my arm even to this day. I honestly don't know what I did that would have merited that kind of response, other than taking all of the items and debts that Debbie had raised off of my name and onto hers. That's it. I was already behind and eyeball deep in my own debt that I couldn't shake off. 2 credit cards were maxed and I was now bruised from the top to the bottom of my back.

So I said goodbye to my remaining friends and took the advice of those two thugs in Chicago never to return there again. I moved back in with my parents and lived in shame for a year. After that I moved to Lynchburg, I think in January of 1999 and the rest is all very clear to the people who want to question my past.

I never really went into great detail over what happened because over this time that I was away my mom had 2 major strokes and several aneurysms. I was more concerned for her health and was buried in guilt that it was all my fault. They disowned me during this time swearing that I had joined some cult. They had written me off as completely insane, and I don't blame them. What I did to my parents was wrong and the biggest thing in my life that I regret. I to this day can't even think of it without wanting to cry and shoot myself. Let me be clear. There was no cult. Just a lot of drunk hazy days and partying.

So I buried those demons.

So that is in a nutshell the events of a about a 15 month adventure that I had in Chicago and in Indianapolis. From there I had many others including brief stays in LA, Dallas, Orlando, etc. I might get into those details later. But for now. The truth is out there. Those are the events during that strange and surreal time of my life. That chapter is now permanently RECLOSED.

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