Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last Night

I had a ball last night! Janine picked me up from work and we headed to Regency to grab some food and pick up James, who come to find out is a huge Sevendust fan and a lot of fun to hang with, more on that later.

We headed to the Innsbrook Pavilion which looks really nice as far as outdoor venues go. There was your typical heavy police and security force there, and I don't blame them considering the copious amounts of alchohol that was being consumed by everybody. There was some band playing already out of Boston, but I wasn't impressed. Come to find out later the guy I was headbanging with during Sevendust was their guitarist.

Soil came on next and I'm sold. I had doubts about their new lead singer, but he had a lot of energy. By the end of the set he was down in the circle moshing with the kids and hippies who paid for those tickets.

As it started to get dark, Sevendust came out and blew me away again! The entire show was good. There's never a dull moment between the fights that started to break out over who could get the closest to the stage or giving Janine go go eyes all night. Pictured above is Morgan, the drummer for Sevendust. The man has hella talent.

After the concert, we drove to Denny's and hung out there with James and 3 girls that he knew somehow. The kid's a smooth criminal that's for sure.

We spent a good 2 hours sitting around talking and laughing about things from donating eggs to kangaroo placenta being used in some Aussie brand of shampoo.

Most of all I had fun having Janine by my side. I'm all kinds of strutting around having this sexy, funny, tall, witty, sexy right there with me. She took me home late and didn't let me go until it was time to take me to work in the morning. I was such a happy zombie today too, but that, is another story.


  1. 700 X 150....
    I like the new ride to work...hehehe

  2. Gee, whatever are you talking about ?

    The template is being worked on, I'm just having issues getting it to fit right.

    Which sounds dirty even in and of itself.