Monday, May 8, 2006

My Superfantastic Adventures

Ok, my title overhypes my weekend just a little, but I felt the need for a spectacular heading for once.

Friday was pretty much uneventful. While people were out dancing, drinking coronas, and taking advantage of a chance to act stupid under the guise of Mexican independance, I was at home, low key, hanging out with some new friends.

Saturday late afternoon, Jessi finally made it in from North Carolina. She lost her grandmother last week and went to pay her respects. Neither of us knew that drive up 360 from South Boston would take several hours. I think we can map her journey a little better next time.

We then journeyed over to AlleyKatz to see Behelmod, Fallen Under, Unhinge, and Saint Diablo. I have to admit I was impressed by Behelmod! I always have a fondness of straight in your face death metal. I hope to see 'em again.

Fallen Under is also very enjoyable and they are doing well in this contest (if you can call it that) to win a recording contract. Go visit them and vote if you've heard and like 'em. I have.

The main reason I wanted to go was to see my boys at Unhinge again. They had a pretty shitty time getting to Richmond from Va Beach. The van they just brought went under. So when they got in they were pretty much aggrivated and tired. They still brought their kick ass sound, though. Best of all, for now they are up and running. They are the best example that people should support their bands not only by going to their shows, but by purchasing those CDs. I just hope they can work through all of this and stick it out.

We didn't even stick around for St. D. Sorry, guys. I will be there later in the month to party when that CD finally comes out. I'm just disapointed by the thin crowd. I was hoping the place would be packed. I still enjoyed and threw down some PBR. Yum.

Sunday I took Jessi out for some yummy breakfast at Aunt Sarah's and then we went to see Mission Impossible 3. It's not a movie that will stick with you, but the effects and the plot twists are worth it, I think. It's more of a DVD, sit at home, and crank up the surround sound kind of movie.

Sunday, with the help of Jessi, I got some laundry done and saw her back to Appomattox. She has to get those wipers fixed soon, because everytime she comes up here, it friggen rains. I'm just glad she's home safe and sound.

Oh, I also have new neighbors downstairs. Mike seems cool. I haven't met his hottie girl yet, but I've seen her. They both smoke. Big surprise, they have at least one kid. Good thing they keep their TV on blast so I don't have to hear everything. Sorry guys if the Devildriver is too loud too!

That's all from me. Good, fast weekend. Janine's car died, and she's looking to buy a new car. She has to get a ride soon, so I can get out of my cage again soon. Hurry, hurry!

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