Sunday, May 21, 2006

PBR and Mr. Cash

Well I had a blast last night, let me see if I can recap it before it goes into the massive storage vault that I call my memories.

Janine came to get me around 8:30 and we went to her brother's to do a car exchange and head out. Her brother was DJing at some bar close to where I work and needed Janine's PT Cruiser for the equipment. We then took his company car and headed to Hollywood Grill which is pretty close to VCU.

Once there we found a Johnny Cash cover band playing..I think they're called Black Cash, I dunno it was ok. It's just kinda grating to hear someone F up lyrics, but from what I heard they're doing a lot better. After a quick beer and after meeting Janine's friends D Ray(I know his real name but I don't want to misspell it) and Tracy we headed to The Dog House over in the Canal District or whatever it's called.

Tracy and D-Ray

We closed The Dog house down (it wasn't even 1:30!), and we took our crazy friends back to their car which we left on the southside somewhere. Janine and I then went back to crash and crash hard. I slept like a friggen rock.

Always a fun night in Richmond too, getting lost, watching some drunk guy getting carted off in an ambulance, watching Janine search for a dime when someone asked her for the TIME!

All fun stuff. You can't scrape this smile off my face.

I look forward to next Saturday. I'll get to see D-Ray's band D-Ray and The Shockers with the gang. Jessi is coming to town for the holiday weekend and I'm going to have a lot of fun.

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