Friday, May 12, 2006

Please Leave a Mess....beep

Random stuff. Fun.

  • I'm packing up now to spend Mother's Day weekend with the parents. I haven't seen them in a while and I can't wait to see them and my new car.
  • Speaking of the car, I'm really hoping to be driving that bad boy by the end of the month. My Dad is nothing short of being my hero.
  • I have had the most intense, fun week in a long time. I'll leave it at that...for now.
  • Jessi is turning 27 on Tuesday. Go post a message (preferably something obsene)
  • Have I said how much I hate my fucking neighbors. I want to smack her babies. Especially Calamine..Clamydia or whatever her godawful name is.
  • Congrats to a writer friend of mine, Kelly for getting her book picked up..sorta. She is trying to find someone who'll pick it up. Good luck to you!
  • I love payday!
  • I hate American Idol, but I really hope that Chris Daugherty gets picked up by Fuel. That would just be too crazy to see him thrust into superstardom rather than the pop BS that comes from that show.
  • Speaking of, Kelly was taking me home and sure enough as we passed Byrd park, we saw Elliot, one of the final three. They are throwing him a parade in town and he is preforming at the ballpark. They are sold out for that. Go Elliot.
That's all, folks, it's off to see the rents. Stay here till I get back.

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