Monday, May 29, 2006

Recap and Randomness

This is going to pretty much be a full service post. I'm going to go over my fun eventful weekend and share some thoughts. Why not, right?

Thought: Boy, am I glad to be off work today. I needed a day off some kind of bad and a 4 day week sounds like the recipe for easyness. Which means work will be insane and stressful. I'm good at jinxing good things.

Recap: Friday night, Jessi and I went to see X-Men 3. I liked the story, but it kinda felt me with an empty feeling. A lot changes during this movie but that has to take place for some of the things I think we'll see in the next movies. Indeed they are making more despite my ignorance in a previous post. Good movie, though. I still want to see Gambit.

Thought: I'm off work because it is Memorial Day. I always made it a tradition to take a minute to think about and thank the fallen soldiers from my family. Today, it just seems much more vast considering the amount of sacrifice we see everyday just by turning on the news, or reading the paper, or talking to soldiers as they get back from the Middle East. Despite everything, I still feel a great amount of pride.

Recap: Saturday was a lot of fun! I took Jessi (well, she took me, I still don't have a car till next weekend) to Hot Topic. She had those gift cards to spend. You can go to her blog to see what she brought. She was so happy, and hyper, and excited. It was fun just to watch her look at everything and have no idea what to buy first.

Thought: I'm kinda sad to find out that actor Paul Gleason passed. Everyone remembers him from The Breakfast Club, but he's been in several movies. I really was awestruck by his intensity on screen. He was very underrated, I think. My thoughts, as always are with his family, he was taken way too early.

Recap: Saturday night, Jessi and I went to AlleyKatz to see the Richmond Luche Libre. Janine got there a little before the show started. I saw her as soon as she got upstairs (catcalls).It had to be 110 degrees on that second level at Alley Katz. Even the beer that was in coolers full of ice was pee hot. I didn't really know what to expect considering every local wrestling event I had ever been too...frankly sucked. This was very well done though. The crowd was very much involved with everything and the cast of charactors was priceless: Chuck Norris and his roundhouse kicks, Greedo, Skeletor were the comedic charactors, but they had a storyline and everything just like you see on TV wrestling. I was impressed. GWAR even came out and joined in the battle royal at the end of the show.

I finally got to see Rev D Ray and the Shockers and I was impressed! I think the label fits the kind of music they play, "punkabilly". I can't wait to see them again next month with another band Janine really likes, Gorija-X. I really can't explain how awesome it was. It's kinda new for me and with my girl, Janine, everything just feels brand new. I have not felt like this in so long. Very much overdue!

Thought: It's getting friggen hot in Richmond! I don't think it got below 75 last night and I woke up in a puddle of Mikey sweat. No, no wet dreams, just insanely hot for this early in the morning. I was hoping not to use my air conditioning until the middle of June but that went out the window with these 90 degree temps.

Recap: Sunday, Janine was off work so she got to finally hang out with me a little. The weekend has been kinda random and all over the place, but it was good to see her again. She's working today, but I'll get to see her place, finally tonight. I musn't forget to carry my laundry.

Thought: Superman hits theaters the end of the month. Can I take this much geekyness in one month? You all know I can and then some. Also Ghost Rider is hitting theaters soon. Holy crap! I never thought that would be made into a movie. My favorite. I can't wait!

That's enough damage for the day.

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  1. I think I might have to see Superman and don't forget...Aquaman is coming this summer too...yum...