Sunday, June 4, 2006

Having a Good Weekend?

I'm have a real good weekend, thanks, Monica. Friday night, Janine picked me up from work and we grabbed supper from Red Lobster. She had never been before! I think she liked it ok. She's like me. Raised near the Chesapeake Bay, you're surrouded by local seafood places which are much, much better than going to a chain place. She did enjoy the cheddar buscuits and I as always enjoyed the shrimp. I think on the dates that I've been with her, that's all I've ordered. Even from the Cracker Barrell!

We then went to see The Davinci Code. I liked the acting, but it just seemed to me to be this big jab at Christianity. I can see why the church is so mad about the movie going out, but they need to be. The church has done a lot, but it's failed a lot too.

We then decided to venture downtown to hit up Wonderland. There weren't a lot of people there and both Janine and I are suffering from this super bout of cold and allergies, so we had a beer and went back to her place. We totally missed the Mensrea show at AlleyKatz! Dangit!

Saturday morning she took me home after some yummy buscuit goodness at McDonalds, and she went off to work. I stayed at home and took a long nap. I think that's the first time I've done that inforever. I just cant bring myself to wasting time during the day to sleep, but because I've been so on the go, it just all caught up to me. So I crashed.

She came and got me Saturday evening and took me to the grocery store to get supplies. Then she went off to do homework and I stayed home to put laundry away and clean house.

This morning she took me to her aunt's resturant on Broad Street. It's called Karen's Diner, and if you are in that area and want breakfast, I highly recommend it. It was delish. She then went back to work and I'm going to spend the last of my weekend here curled up with a book, or watching the tube and getting ready for another long week.

I'm hoping these allergies go away because I'm only getting worse. I might need to find me a doctor tomorrow to get some allergy meds. The right side of my face is literally falling off!

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