Saturday, June 10, 2006

Random Tandem

Yeah, verbal diarrhea time!

  • I really should be packing, but knowing me, I'll wait till late tomorrow night. Tuesday through Friday I will be in Lincoln, Nebraska for a work conference. I hear it's not the most exciting place in the world, but I should still have a good time. I checked Pollstar, but nothing is playing there until after I leave. I'm pretty sure I won't have time to go to metal shows while I'm there anyways.
  • Today marks one month since I started going steady with Janine. I still remember it vividly. We checked out Hollywood cemetery, watched Silent Hill, and snogged in her brother's car for an hour. I'm very happy.
  • Speaking of my girl, she was looking foxy as hell today. I was eating my fist all day trying to contain myself!
  • No rest for the quasi-wicked! Saturday I'll be out all night enjoying Gorija-X and Rev. D-Ray and The Shockers. They're playing at Wonderland, so I'm hoping the place is jam packed! I look forward to seeing my new buddies again too.
  • Still up in the air if I'll see Jessi and Sam this coming weekend. With her going to Heroscon the end of the month and then taking a week away with her family, I'm thinking I won't spend time with her till after the 4th.
  • I do believe Janine as I are still going to Raleigh that holiday weekend to rebel rouse. I hope so anyways. We have been talking roadtrips for days. We were going to go to Maryland this weekend, but her schoolwork is too much to just skip out on entirely.
  • The FIFA World Cup is in full swing. England looked impressive today. That's all I had time to see. I hope our boys do well this time. I'm sure they'll get booed to no end.
  • I'm looking online now to see what kind of local haunted houses are in this area. Tomorrow is kind of a goof off day, and I'm trying to think of something constructive to do after doing some yardwork in the morning.
  • I've been freerolling through some poker tournaments trying to get to the World Series. Wish me luck, I'm still alive!
  • I'm still impressed by the response Kelly has gotten on his blog. I bet he has more hits than me now! I've been doing this since July 04, and in 7 months, he's passed my by leaps and bounds. I think I created a monster!
  • I'm moving in September! No more effin' ghetto!
  • Anyone wanting to donate to the help Mikey get his driver's license back fund, can just email me.
  • ECW is back! If you're channel surfing Tuesday night, be sure to stop by SciFi and check out the extremity!
  • I can't wait for Tourgasm to come on! I think it starts up tomorrow night. I'll be watching. That's the Dane Cook reality show based on his stand up tour earlier this year.
  • I'm eating a lot healthier! Tonight was an exeption, I had Chinese, but mostly I've been eating salads and drinking more water. I need to start treating my body more like a temple and less like a downtown pool hall.
That's enough insanity for one day. If I get anymore random, I'll be counting chest hairs. Let's just not go there. Busy week ahead. I will keep everyone posted on my cowboy adventures!


  1. *muah* I'm very happy as well but please don't eat your sexy hands. I'm going to need them for later for house work.; )

  2. I like it when you talk domestic to me!

  3. Doh! I should have known you didn't head out of town when you left a comment on Sam's page :P
    I hope you had fun anyways, I'll be home tonight but so will all my roomates so not sure if I'll be online or not *hugs*