Saturday, June 24, 2006

Thoughts and Plans

Since I have basically been only recapping my weekends I thought I would do that to an extent, but also share my plans for this summer and fall. Fear not, it will not be too intimate or invasive.

  • I took Janine out last night to celebrate her promotion to lab manager. She's going to be working in the Ashland store, which is a bit of a commute, but I'm positive she's going to do a fantastic job. Congrats, baby! We went to see X3 last night which she enjoyed. It made more sense to me to watch it a second time around also. We had dinner at Denny's of all places too. I just had a big time hankering for pancakes and eggs and bacon and sausage and you get the point.
  • Labor Day weekend, bitches! The Lewis Show radio network will return with a weekend long live broadcast. For now I'm just going to return to my old Lynchburg Underground format of playing on the weekends with the plan to have 2 hours worth of live broadcasting. I will then take those 2 hours and put them into a podcast and publish them on both my site and iTunes. I really look forward to it all. I was starting to get quite the following when I did my net broadcast before, and I love doing radio. The format's the same...rock, metal, and insanity. Stay tuned!
  • Speaking of my site, I am fully planning on purchasing This way I can host my radio station, my podcasts, my blog, and whatever else I feel like throwing out there. It's going to be a very cool site to visit. I've been laying out templates, and researching java scripts for my page. Look out google and myspace, there's a new dog in the yard!
  • Jessi is in for a fun week. She left here last night I believe and she is spending the week with her parents. She is then going to WonderCon in Charlotte with her boyfriend, Sam. I had planned on going all year, but things just aren't going the way I planned, so next year, I will be there. I was also supposed to check out the Heavy Rebel Weekend in Charlotte, but time and finances are limited that as well, Janine and I will not miss that next year!
  • I am really liking this band I found on myspace, Rikets. Check 'em out.
  • I'm also really liking my job. I don't dread going in, I just dread having to get up in the mornings. I'm still a night person, now I have been more than I have in the past couple years. I can honestly say overall, I'm doing better than I have been for years. New friends, good job, a potential car in the next couple weeks,'s pretty good. I think I'm getting good at turning lemons into gatorade..or is it lemonade?
  • Dosen't look like I'm going to Sounds of the Underground again this year, but things are on for Ozzfest, so far (to my knowledge) Gene, Janine, Jessi, and I will be in DC the first Saturday in August..I'm very excited! Still looks like in September, we'll be checking out the Family Values tour as well. That's really all that's going on in this state this summer barring Gigantour...whenever they get around to announcing it!
Ok, that's's naptime for me! Keep it metal and keep it loud.

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