Monday, July 3, 2006

I Love 4 Day Weekends

It's so nice not being at work today. I'm recharging my batteries and getting some much needed rest. I really haven't had too much to post about, so I'm going to recap my weekend thus far just to keep something out there.

I had such a good time yesterday. Janine and I went to see Superman at the IMAX theater here in town. It was a pretty decent movie. It was nothing spectacular, but none of the Superman movies are ever really that amazing. The effects were amazing! Watching it on that giant screen was quite a strain on the neck, but very much worth it. I told Janine we will never have any kind of TV/screen on our ceiling.

The museam closed pretty much after the movie let out, but we got to explore a few things there. We're going to have to go back sometime. We did get to see the whole sugar exhibit which is pretty scary stuff. Sugar is everywhere!

I then took Janine to dinner at Cracker Barrel. That's the place I took her when we started to go steady. We spent some time there reading up on the paper and chatting. I noticed Kelly's letter to the editor got published, so here's a big I TOLD YOU IT WOULD to my friend. It was good just to spend some quiet time to catch up on things and enjoy a yummy meal. Be careful though, Janine is a killer checkers player. I don't think I've ever had my ass handed to me like she handed it to me. I'll get her back though, and actually I did.

It was her idea then to go play some putt putt. I got even. According to the official scorecard I won by 8 strokes. I am awesome!! Actually, I was very lucky. The line for the go carts was extremely long, so we went to the bumper boats, which was pretty much desserted. That was a lot of fun. We soaked each other with that water gun that's on each of those little tubey boat things.

We had just enough energy to go home and crash. We were up at 7AM so getting home around midnight, we just went into comatose. I'm very proud though because today Janine starts her lab manager job in Ashland. I know she's going to do a good job!

Tuesday night, we're probably going to see the R Braves play and watch the fireworks there after the game. I'm really looking forward to that.

That's enough for now. More to come later.


  1. OH SHIT!!! They edited the shit out of my letter... I sound like and idiot...ughhh...

    So Superman not that great huh?

  2. Knowing you and your tastes, Kelly I'll say 3 out of 4 stars. I mean come on, there's a man running around in blue tights through most of it!

    I thought it was very good..just not as great as the hype that's around it...which is any movie these days.

  3. well i hope to see it this week...

    hows the header coming along??? hmmm?? are the creative juices flowing??... i need it by 2pm...hehehe