Monday, August 21, 2006

It's Never Too Early

To start my Christmas wish list!

This SanDisk mp3 player is a thing of beauty. It's similar to the iPod Nano which was the number 1 item on my wish list, but for the price of a 4gb Nano, I can get an 8gb Sansa! I would take that any day over a Nano. Even better, if I just get the 4gb model, I could be saving close to 100 bucks.

Hint, hint anyone?

1 comment:

  1. I'd do some research on it. We got the kids the Sans 200 something or the other for Christmas. The flash player model. Though I know the one you have your eye on sounds a little higher tech. One was seemingly fried, somehow. We took it apart and let the resident electronics technician take a look, and it was dead. Nothing but problems with the other one. I keep having to reset it to factory settings, reinstall the driver update, etc. A real pain in the ass, if you ask me, which I guess you didn't.