Thursday, August 31, 2006

Peek a Boo!

Yeah, I'm at it again, I'm posting once a week, if I'm lucky. Fear not, friends, once my computer gets hooked back up, there's going to be some exciting changes. I can't wait to surprise, even stun you all. In the meantime, random shit!

  • My parents are real happy that I'm with Janine. They're still understandably bitter from the ending of my marriage and how things went down, and how they're out 500 bucks, but they are happy that I've found someone who I can love and someone who can love me back in more ways than I can even imagine!
  • The move is almost complete. I spent the day getting utilities moved, and tonight I go back to the apartment after Janine gets out of her class to get the last of it. I'm donating the last of my things to charity. I'm officially ready to start from scratch.
  • I actually had a good time doing the heavy moving last weekend. I got to hang out with Wes, his friend Brad, Troy and Brendon. We got a lot of stuff done, but more fun than that, I got to listen to all kinds of metal music in the truck with Brad. I hope I can get him out on the 1st to see St. Diablo and Site of Suffering.
  • I took the day off from work today. I feel empty when I'm not there. I've been putting a lot of time and energy into my job. Despite the hard work, I'm very happy to be there!
  • I can't wait to get the radio station on air this weekend. I'm going to put the information on my blog Saturday morning so that everyone can find the link on Shoutcast. Soon enough, it will all be able to link from my webpage. It just looks cool!
  • Jessi had her wisdom teeth pulled this week. I just wished she would have let me pull them my way. With a truck and some rope. Maybe next tooth!
  • We are about 2 1/2 weeks away from going to Vegas! I know Janine is excited. Looking around on the web I can't help but think....damn that shit is expensive. Just going to a show could set me back over a hundred bucks. I'm going to spend the next couple hours trying to find nice but cheap things to do while over there.
That's all for now, consider yourself caught up. Outside of the moving, and work, and visiting the folks, my time is commited to little else.


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  2. You sure are proud of that rotten tooth. Ewwwww!