Sunday, August 13, 2006

Richmond's Best Kept Secret

Well it's no secret that downtown Richmond is the place to go in town to get drunk with friends, deal with really crappy parking, police, and gangsters alike. What a lot of people don't know that once a month or so Gojira-X visits and plays at Wonderland. I really like Wonderland.

Janine and I went to hang out last night at Wonderland to enjoy a beer and friends. It's good to see the same crew there. I'm starting to get to know them and get more comfortable hanging out with them. They're all so nice and friendly and fun.

Opening the night was New Haven, CT rockers, Murdervan. Check their myspace out, they have a really good grungy, punky, loud sound to them. Janine and I agreed we saw the second coming of Kurt Cobain too, the pic of the lead singer shows that! They are winding down their first nationwide tour. I like 'em and I hope they do well.

Gojira-X always rocks and honestly as packed as that little bar gets, I'd like to see it wall to wall with people. It's a good time and if anyone is in town looking for a place to hang out, if anything come and check out the people that do hang out there, it's like a time warp!

I do believe today, I'm going to help Janine's mom pack up some and enjoy the rest of my weekend. The next 2 weekends I will be up to my eyeballs in boxes and movers!


  1. do they play GREM Guitars??? heheheh

  2. My best friend sloan has their MySPace connected to his myspace profile... so go to my myspace and click on sloans myspace and you will see this bands myspace profile...heheheh...all hail fresca vodka

  3. *worships at the alter of the fresca vodka gods*

    all hail to the tangy!