Friday, September 29, 2006

Vegas Vacation

I thought I'd steal the neighbors wireless long enough to post about my weekend in Vegas. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already since we got back!

We left Wednesday afternoon from Richmond airport and flew to Atlanta. We were very lucky because our flight got delayed but we managed to get on an earlier flight. Atlanta is such a huge airport. That's the second time this year I've had to spend time there. From Atlanta it was onto Vegas! We got there pretty late and only stayed up long enough to lose some quarters in the slot machines.

We stayed at the New Frontier, which anyone can tell you, there's little new about it. It's definately a haven for Jewish grandmothers and Latino highrollers, but I liked the atmosphere there. The room looks nothing like their ad! The toilet was partially backed up which made urinary relief a challenge. I did enjoy the water pressure from the shower though! It was like being attacked by a mini fire hose.

We spent early Thursday after the morning buffet and coffee exploring our part of the strip. The New Frontier is right next to The Fashion Mall and it's huge. I enjoyed going to the Apple store! I know, I'm a geek in Vegas and I can't avoid a computer store.

We continued walking over to the Mirage to see the tigers and lions and jaguars at Siegfried and Roy's exotic animal refuge. I have to admit they are majestic beasts and I would fear for my life if it wasn't for those cages! They also have dolphins and we got to sit next to them and watch them harrass the trainers for treats.

That night, we had to go upstairs for Janine's preliminary round of eyeglass jeopardy or whatever it's called. She qualified for the finals which meant we had to go to the Venetian the next morning. We went to bed pretty early after playing a few more slots. I did pretty good! I won 80 bucks at one of the slots. That was about all the luck I was going to have though, Janine did well figuring out the video poker games. It's all very addictive. I miss being able to go down the hall to gamble. It was fun...but all in all, a big waste of money. I had to be careful!

We got up the next morning and headed over to the convention they were having for eyewear at the Venetian. It was a huge spread. Who knew that you could see miles of booths about eyewear, contacts, frames, you name it. It was pretty much overwhelming for me. Janine did not win the tournament, but I was so very proud of her. The questions were jacked and honestly she should have finished with 15 points at the end of the least! I got to meet her teacher and her boyfriend. They got engaged while we were over there. Congrats to them!

Saturday was out last day up there, so we made the most of it. We hopped on the tran and headed to the other side of town. It's a much better feel over there. We spent most of the day at the MGM Grand. It is a beautiful casino and it has everything you can imagine all in one place. We also walked around a little and passed through the Tropicana. They are supposed to be tearing that down soon, so it was good to see.

We also went to the Elvis museum there. They are getting ready to close it and move to Hawaii, so I figured it was best we go see it before no one ever does again. We got a picture in one of his Cadillacs and saw very rare and very valuable things. They are supposed to be opening some large Elvis casino and museam there in the next few years, but it was good to see and meet people who made rock history! It's not Vegas without Elvis.

I really wanted to see The Knights of the Round Table at The Excalibur. That was another fun casino. Janine and I agreed that next time we are going to stay there. It had a much nicer feel and the machines seemed to be looser there than anywhere else reputable. I had a blast at the Knights show! You have to eat with your hands there. They serve cornish game hen, huge ass stalks of brocolli, potato wedges, and you drink out of a large plastic stein! Plastic! Hahaha! The show was amazing though, we both had a good time. We sat in the Irish section so we had to cheer for our knight in of all colors, green.

After the show, we had to hop on the tran and rush back to The New Frontier to meet up with Janine's professor and her boyfriend so we could share a cab to the airport. It is so weird boarding a plane at 11:30 at night and you find out quick why it's called a red eye. Neither of us could sleep. It's a curse being tall on a plane! I could not get comfortable and Janine was still a little uneasy about flying. She did great, though. All of the flights had more turbulance than I was even used to!

We finally got to Richmond around 9AM and rushed home to sleep. I don't think I've ever had such a deep sleep in my life, after being up over 24 straight hours and losing 3 hours on the flight. All in all though, I would do it again and I can't wait to do it again. Janine and I had a good time, and I look forward to going back and losing more money at the poker tables!

Always remember, when you get back from Vegas, you tell everyone you broke even, because what happens there, really should stay there. We did break even though, really!

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