Monday, September 4, 2006

I log onto myspace today and there's a bulletin about Steve Irwin passing away. He's better known as the Crocodile Hunter.

He was killed on a dive by a stingray barb.
I used to joke and say his line of work was going to get him killed, I feel that's in very bad taste now. I'm kinda stunned. He was a very nice guy and he really cared for animals.

Irwin was the director of the Queensland Zoo and his passion was protecting wildlife and their habitats. My heart goes out to his wife and 2 children. Sad day..


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  1. I heard about it last night. It is very sad to know that there's a fatherless family and husbandless wife due to this. But I can't help but think its funny (not funny haha funny queer) that out of all things, he was killed by a stingray. I mean, this guy's messed with probably the top 10 most poisonous every animal ever, and this is what gets him.