Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It's friggen cold outside! And as luck would have it, my cat pissed all over my one coat. Lovely. So I have to go home tonite to wash that lovely smell off my warmness.

Janine and I are going to have chinese for dinner, yay! I'm thinking....something along the lines of shrimp fried rice, we shall see. It's always a rough decision because I've eaten so much sweet and sour chicken I think I'm going to turn into a sweet and sour..cat.

Anyways, more on the cats. Janine let Fred in the other day, so he has gotten accustomed to our warm comfortable digs. The other cats are not amused. I think that's why Topaz went tinkle on my jacket. I'm just going to have to keep my coat in the closet. Novel concept, I know.

I love having the radio station on while I'm working. I am worried about my playlist though. I'm convinced Jessi's boyfriend loaded up some AFI on her iPod which transferred to my hard drive. I just, yuck. I don't listen to that emo mess, at least none that I'll admit to!

I'm so glad the holiday is approaching. I'm just going to be glad when I can come back to work Monday to relax. I'm going to be putting on the frequent driver miles come Saturday though. That's my official (yet again) driver's license day. We'll try again, anyhow. Wish me luck!

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  1. cat piss... dust bowl... sounds like we both are in a living hell... maybe we can skate out of work early tomorrow... hmmmm