Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Driver Skool

Virginia is just one big moneymaking racket when it comes to it's state government. Not only do we get sales tax on everything, but just getting behind the wheel can amount to profit for the state.
I've spent the past 11 months trying to get my license back. I've had to wait off suspensions, further suspensions, then I had to have an intervention interview. Today I was sitting in a classroom at 8 in the morning watching AAA videos on how to use your brakes and how to use your turn signal. What a sham!

The good news is all I have to do now is get to the DMV next chance I get to secure my driver's license. I'm hoping my Dad can replace the radiator fan soon so that I can get my car. I am so, so freaking ready to drive again! I still have to face the Department of Motor vehicles. That will be my last obsticle. Wish me luck because I'm one bullshit con away from shoving my foot up someone's rear end! At least I have my certificate saying I'm a safe driver now. Yay for 5 points back on my driving record.

Ticket: 5 lost days from work, 5 days in weekend jail, and court fees $400.00.
Intervention Interview: 30 extra days suspended and $40.00.
Driving School: Wasted daylight savings and $50.00.
Insurance: One pain in the ass SR 22 form and around $200.00.
DMV: Total for uninsured motorist fee, reinstatement, and cost of license over $650.00
Driving myself to work in November: FUCKING PRICELESS!!!!!!

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