Friday, December 8, 2006

Back in the Metal Swing of Things!

Tuesday night was such a blast! I rushed home to pick up Janine and we headed to the NorVa to see Seemless, The Sword, Lacuna Coil, and In Flames. Ok, we were kinda late, we missed the first two bands, but I know we'll see them again.

I got to see Lacuna Coil at this year's Ozzfest but we were so far away, we really couldn't get a good feel of the band. Not the case in Norfolk. We were pretty close to the stage and got there just in time to watch them start up. It was a very nice set. I think even Janine who has said she's not too thrilled about them is now a believer. Even the lead singer had nice things to say about us, "We just began the final portion of our touring for the year after joining up with IN FLAMES, SEEMLESS and THE SWORD. The first gig in Norfolk was very good, with a lot of people jumping and screaming, so things are already off to a really positive start. Rock on, and we will see you soon."

This is the third time I've seen In Flames, but this is the first time that Janine has gotten to see them. We went upstairs to the balcony so that we could watch the whole scene. Right next to us was another couple who drove in from Richmond to see the show too and they were huge In Flames fans.

They were awesome despite being down 2 members. Bjorn was out because his wife was giving birth to their second child. Actually the night of the show, she gave birth to a girl. Congrats to them! Henrik Danhage from Evergray filled in. He did alright. I can't imagine learning all those songs in a short amount of time and he struggled with songs like Come Clarity. No one seemed to care though, they were moshing during that song, and anyone who has heard Come Clarity knows that it is not a song to mosh to.

Jesper was taking the last of the year off for personal reasons. Niklas Engelin filled in for him. He'll be back next year. I can imagine being on the road as much as them would take a toll on anyone.

I just had so much fun though because Janine was having a blast! Ironically it was a discussion about this band that got us together in the first place. So it meant a lot to see them live for the first time like that. It won't be the last time.

Most fun of all, I got to drive to Norfolk and back! It was nice to be able to take Janine out for a change instead of the other way around. I'm looking forward to going to more concerts with her both locally and in Norfolk/DC.

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