Monday, December 18, 2006

It Was Armagedon

Janine and I brought redneck back in style last night. We went to see the pay per view event at the Richmond Coliseum. It was amazing. I had never been to a WWE event before, my Dad and I would go to the old NWA matches when I was little. Now that was back in the day. Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, The Rock n Roll Express, and a lot more.

We got our tickets and rushed in just as Kane's music kicked in. I was kinda hoping they wouldn't start with the inferno match, but they did. We found our seats ...ok we found someone else's seats, but I wanted to watch the match. We didn't have to move until after the match.

It was crazy. Kane from where we were way up in the nosebleeds was massive. He won his match by setting MVP on fire...literally on fire. As much on fire as you can be, I guess in a controlled setting.

The next match was a big surprise. It was supposed to be a regular tag team match, but the commissioner of Smackdown, Teddy Long, set up a ladder match and brought in two other teams. One of them was M N M and the other was the Hardy Boys! That was pretty freaking cool too. One of the M N M members, Joey, busted his face up pretty good and was forced to leave the match. So much for it all being fake, right? Let's just say he's still dealing with internal bleeding and his nose was broken in several places. Ouch! I mean....ow, fucking ow!

The Miz came out next, and anyone who suffered through reality TV and the Real World remembers this guy. It's Mike something, I forget, but he's a professional wrestler now, which isn't too shocking. His opponent though was, this monstrosity known as The Boogey Man. It was a pretty dull match and of course the Boogey Man won, but forcing the Miz to eat worms out of his mouth at the end of the match kinda made watching that worth it!

The Chris Benoit match was next, he went up against Chavo Guerrro. That is nothing short of a lame plotline between the two, but Benoit is an amazing wrestler and it was fun to watch. Then the cruiser weight match between Gregory Helms and Johnny Wang Yang, the Japanese cowboy. It was a good time to take a break from things mentally..pretty dull stuff, I guess.

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We were reawakened pretty quick, though for the next match. Mr. Kennedy, newcomer and loudmouth went up against the Undertaker in a Last Ride match. Basically the loser gets driven out of the stadium in a hearse. It was a really, really good match involving the Undertaker getting thrown off the set. Taker finally won though after chokeslamming Mr. Kennedy on top of the hearse. It was a very loud thump when his body crashed on the roof of that car. It was all very entertaining!

The divas came out next for some kind of Naughty or Nice lingerie contest. I mean yeah, hot women and all, but I thought I had seen it all until Santa himself stripped down to a red thong and danced around. It was like a train wreck. I couldn't look away. God help me.

The main event was up next, and it wasn't the most spectacular match of the night, but it did involve the biggest names on Smackdown. John Cena and Batista teamed up against Finlay and King Booker. The good guys won to the delight of the crowd. They had the crowd wired the whole match, that does take a lot of talent despite it all.

I had a really good time, and it was Janine's first wresting event. Sure wrestling is cheesy, but I had more fun than I've had in a long time. I'm sure we'll go back the next time they're in town!

Not much else going on over the weekend. It was very restful. Jessi came over to hang out Saturday evening and Sunday before wrestling. I hadn't seen her since August. I'm thinking after the new year, Janine and I will head to Appomattox to see her and I can show Janine my old stomping grounds.


  1. Ric Flare...oh the memories...

  2. We took the kids several years ago to see WWF in Indy. Think that is what it was called then. We had pretty good seats, 12 rows back or so. What amazed me is how small the wrestlers looked in person. I felt like such a redneck that night. I had the hots for Triple H at that time, but in person, I had to dump him for The Rock. Ooooh.