Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

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We're so Christmassy!

Yesterday we all got off work early to attend our annual Christmas party. Janine got to see what I work with on a daily basis. She had fun though. Angela, an associate of ours in DC, was pretty much trapped in Richmond thanks to the mess on the interstate going back home. I95 North + rainy conditions + idiots Christmas shopping = disaster.

So Angela, Kelly, Jeff, Janine, and I stuck around at the bar to have a few drinks and hang out until everyone could decide what was going on. It was great hanging out with Kelly and the gang a little bit. We are definately going to have to do that again soon, sorry Kelly, I had to steal one of your pictures. Nice shot!

Janine and I have both been a lil under the weather since we left too, the stomach flu or something hit us both pretty hard. I'm hoping it's a little 24 hour bug so that we're in good shape for Christmas.

Happy Holidays everyone! Please be careful out there, and don't forget to buy me lots of presents!

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  1. It is a wonderful pic and you can steal it frame it so what ever... we had a blast too... wish you could have gone to Applebee's with us...