Friday, December 8, 2006

What Else is New?

The holiday rush hasn't sinked in yet, but I know it's coming up fast. This Sunday, Janine and I are going into town to get a tree and all the fixings that come with it. Being our first Christmas together, we have to get ornaments, decorations, everything. I'm looking forward to making a day of it.

She has to work tomorrow, but lately her schedule at work has been really favorable for us spending lots of quality time together. The house is looking very nice. She busted tail to get everything put away after having such a busy November. We alternate cooking dinner for each other. Granted she does more work than me. My dinners consist of throwing something on the stove and something in the oven. She makes a big spread and goes all out. I'm going to have to kick up my cooking game just a little to keep up!

She had never seen the full extended Lord of the Rings triology and after watching Clerks II, we had agreed to go pick them up. There's so much in the full versions that you miss out on just watching the theatrical versions, it's all much clearer to her this time around. I just see it as 9 hours of quality cuddle up time.

I gave in after Kelly's constant praise of Blockbuster's online rental system. I've really enjoyed it so far. The movies come in 24 hours after I put it in the queue so we always have something to watch. Especially this time of year. Bah humbug on the Christmas shows repeats!

Not much else has been going on. I'm sure the Christmas/New Year's weekend will be busy enough, so I'm taking it easy for now. I'm so excited to get to spend the holidays with my girl. I know her work schedule is going to stink, but I'm still so happy to have her in my life.

Don't forget about the radio station, people! I've been listening to it at work and it's amazing stuff, even on autopilot!

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