Sunday, January 28, 2007

Next Weekend

Janine and I both really need a break from work, and something to do that involves us getting the hell out of Richmond. So we are going to Maryland next weekend to visit my brother. He lives in Aberdeen, Maryland. I looked it up this morning. No, it's no party mecca, in fact I can see why my brother likes it there so much.

It's really close to Baltimore and to Pennsylvania and New York, so he's close enough to the action if he wants to be, but with his 2 year old son, it's really a great place to start a family. So kudos, Dave, you did an awesome job planning things out.

I really look forward to seeing him and Barbie, and Kaleb again! I got to see them briefly a few weeks ago, and the poor child looks just like my brother. I tease, he is going to be tall though, and after just turning two, he's already reading and counting and has full conversations. He's got my brother's spikey haircut too. He's adorable. I'll take lots and lots of pics!

Then we are going to visit the Smithsonian Institute in DC. I haven't been there since high school, but Janine and I will have a good time just seeing, learning, and exploring all the cool things they have there. Plus, it's DC. If there's some partying we want to do, or something, it won't be a problem. We'll probably spend a night with my brother and a night in DC.

It's still up in the air as far as what else we'll do. We might drive up to Philly, or we might just take it easy and not travel as much as we have to. We'll see. Right now, I'm trying to book something reasonable in DC that's close to the metro so I won't have to drive there. I hate driving in DC, there's nowhere to park and it's just crazyness!

So fun times by us. We just really need to get the hell out of Dodge.

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  1. Just make sure you get to work on Monday... cuz I am taking that monday off.... GO COLTS!!!