Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Around My World in 80 Seconds

As I may have mentioned, I listen to my podcasts every day on my commute to work (which is getting longer by the day it seems). Lately, all the techy geek podcasts have talked about is Twitter. Basically it's a micro blog service that lets you post what you're doing or your thoughts in under 200 charactors.

I find it pretty useless because I'm not the chatting type anymore, but I signed up anyways. I even put the little flash update thing right here in my blog. If I do get my friends on board, it would probably be a little more interesting, so I figured a little word of mouth might help. Janine might even love the service because it dosen't involve all the stuff that blogging involves. Jessi wouldn't need to sign up because we all know she plays World of Warcraft constantly! Kelly could always pop on to tell everyone how he's NOT drinking anymore. Gene can post about sleeping for 14 hours straight....or something.

Going to the website though, it dosen't take long to get tired of reading about people going to eat their dinner or brushing their teeth. I think that just gets a little too on demand. At any rate, it looks fun and I'm signed on. I can't imagine signing up for the texting service. People on the podcasts were saying they're easily going over their 10,000 texts a month limit. That's just way, way too much!

But enough about me.

I'm really looking forward to the nicer weather over the next few days! The temperature keeps going up and down and as a result I have been a nasal wreck all week. I have an allergy cold which means I feel fine but I'm dealing with a lot of...let's just call it mucus, and I'm at the verge of sneezing every 5 minutes without the sweet relief of a sneeze. And people that know me know full well that my sneezes are very relieving.

I should be getting 2 more Lost discs in the mail tomorrow which means I am mostly done with the first season. That means it's on to season 2 and then repeats of season 3 all summer. I think after I'm caught up, Janine and I will go back and either get caught up on 24 or Battlestar Gallactica. I'd have to convince her though to get her sci-fi on with me.

Redneck cuisine tonight. I'm making pigs in a blanket and waffle fries! It's tasty..but more important, it involves little cooking. And I'm all about the nitrates!


  1. You'll have to explain this twitter thing to me but it sounds like I can nag you on your on blogger site. I love technology :*

  2. mmm hmmmm... pigs in a blanket... and waffle fries... not only am i not drinking, i cut out freaking fried foods too ugghhhh.... team ugly is going down!!!!!!

  3. Janine, it's definatley not nagging to ask me about technology. The problem is you know when I'm talking out of my ass or if I really know what I'm talking about. Twitter is blogging without the blogging.

    Kelly, Team Ugly pulls off the upset of the week! Your pretty, rainbow warriors stand no chance!