Sunday, March 4, 2007

Gray Hairs and MP3 Players

Next weekend I'll be turning 33. But enough about that.

Janine and I are going to Lynchburg to celebrate. We'll be visiting Sam and Jessi on their new apartment. I don't think we'll do anyting too exciting, I mean it is Lynchburg. Mostly, I'll show Janine the area that I lived in for so long, where I used to work, where I used to hang out. That should take about an
hour. So the rest of the time we'll be hanging out and trashing their clean apartment! I just never thought I would put the words Jessi and clean apartment in the same sentence!

My Dad turned 65 yesterday. I have to admit that's quite an achivement, especially for his side of the family. The men didn't make it very long on the Lewis side, either through wars or I'll say lack of self maint
enance. I can't say enough how much respect and love I have for my father these days. He's been nothing but supportive and understanding with me. Happy Birthday, Pop.

It looks like the Tool concert that I've been going on and on about has been postponed. Danny Carey, the drummer has torn his bicep. Ouch! I hope he recovers fast, not because I'm eager to go see them in concert, but I can't imagine tearing out my bicep! March 28th still looks good though for Norfolk. I can't wait for that!

I don't have all that much going on tonight either. With another week looming ahead, I'm just going to clean hous
e and take it easy. That cold I got last week will not go away. Most mornings I'm either feeling really woozy or I'm so stopped up that I'm breathing through my ears! I just want wait for warmer weather. We get nice weather over the weekend, but then we have to deal with sustained 20mph winds! That sucks!

So, what's on my iPod? I figured I'd share a little about what I keep on the precious. I have my music on there, first and foremost. Right now it's just about 2300 mp3s. I have 26 music videos on there, but I'm about to load at least 4 more on there today. I have the last 6 episodes of Heroes which is an awesome show. I look forward to every Monday when I can catch another episode.

As far as podcasts go, I have a lot from This Week in Tech. I miss TechTV, but with podcasting, I can keep up with Leo and he has several informative shows. Right now, I'm subscribed to This Week in Tech, Security Now, and This Week in Windows. Kevin Rose is still around at Revision3. He has a lot of good content as well, I'm subscribed to Diggnation, Systm, and teh Broken. Awesome stuff. I also have Patrick Norton's podcast that comes from So my iPod is super metal but super geeky too!

Musicwise, there really isn't a lot that keeps my interest in the podcast world. I do catch the Metal Injection feeds. They focus on a lot of underground acts and I can broaden my horizon to places that I normally wouldn't. I mainly listen to the Talking Metal podcast. It's pretty diverse on the rock/metal scene.

I swore I would not use iTunes! I really didn't want the Apple borg to get me, but honestly, there is no easier way to sync up my content to my iPod. I tried using Winamp and Windows Media Player, b
ut that resulted me in reformatting my iPod twice. I just know where this is going. In 3 years, I'm going to be a complete Apple geek. The temptation is defiantely out there with the bugaboos with Vista. There is something for everyone, though on their iTunes store. It's worth having it on your computer if anything, to keep your music and media nice and organized.

It's time for me to run errands, that's the most I hope to accomplish today; well that and enjoying yet another lazy Sunday!

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  1. I love podcasts :) I can't wait to show my mom the knitting ones I've found, and I also downloaded some workouts... which I've yet to do of course.
    I want more 4Q radio! They haven't updated it yet :(
    And the wow ones are somewhat informative, but I love the "video of the week" part at the end. Weee