Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lounging Around

I'm back to being my old lazy self again, which is no stretch. I've taken it easy most of the day. Janine and I did have a yummy breakfast at Bob Evans, but she had to go to work. We are feverishly trying to get caught up on Lost which I'm kicking myself now over because I should have been watching the damn show in the first place.

So I've been spending the day converting episodes of Heroes so I can load them onto my iPod. Speaking of my iPod, I saw an ad on DLTV for an iPod toilet dispenser. You may laugh, but I've found myself many, many times on my throne watching a podcast or listening to music.

Ok, I may laugh too, that's pretty ridiculous, but it's so damn practical!

I also saw this cute little ad for Firefox that was displayed at the South by Soutwest event last week, and thought I'd take a second, like I do every few months, to remind people to switch over to a more better browser.

I've also taken some baby steps with my podcast. I've recorded an opening and the next chance I get, I'll work on the closing segment. It's going to be pretty cool. I'm kinda worried that I'm going to overhype myself into some kind of high standard that not even I could live up to. It'll be a good show regardless.

On that note, I shall return to my throne.

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