Monday, March 26, 2007

Nothing Worse..

...than a bad winner.

I won my fantasy NASCAR this weekend, beating the undefeated Kelly Stern! I figured I'd rub it in a little bit more before it gets tired and

nyah nyah nyah nyah boo boo!!!

Speaking of Kelly, he pretty much buzzed his head to death over the weekend, I told him he looked like that guy from Lost....Matthew Fox..just with less hair. I wish I could pull that off. Mikey is wayyy too fat to look good with a buzz cut. I'm just jealous.

Speaking of Lost, I have to recommend, again, that people get caught up on Lost. Janine and I are watching the second season now and it's just insane. There's plot twists, a lot of mystery, and every episode ending is a cliffhanger. We stayed up Friday night, almost to 3AM because we couldn't just stop at the end of a particular episode. I think next time, we'll start watching the next episode and 10 minutes through it, stop the DVD for the night.

I had such a great time yesterday visiting my parents again. I enjoy carrying Janine with me so she can get to know them a little better. I was telling her yesterday, they've both outlived doctors' expectations, so every day with them is a bonus. I'm very lucky to have good friends in my life and the greatest parents I can imagine ever having. I don't discount anything for a second. Most of all, I'm very fortunate to have Janine in my life. She's been so patient and so good to me. I know I can be a handful. Love sometimes just isn't a powerful enough word to describe how I feel for her.

The drive to my parents is getting a little better too. I take that mysterious 895 toll which for some reason costs almost three dollars to cross. I don't know why they won't lower that toll so more people could use it. I guess the state figures they can get away with charging for convienience. Bastards.

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  1. you may have won the battle... but I am winning the war!!!hahahahahaha... and I wish I looked as good as matthew fox..