Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a Week

I'm officially 33 now. But enough about that..

Janine and I took off for my birthday and we made a day of it. We went to the Science Museum again, this time to see everything there. It was ok. It seemed much more fascinating when I was a child. Now it just involves more reading than I care to do in one setting. Still a good learning experience.

After dinner at Red Lobster(yum), we went to see 300. It is beautifully violent, but the story was good, the acting was good. It's just good. I wish it was playing in IMAX around here, but it's not. It was great to see it at any venue though. I highly recommend it.

Saturday and Sunday we spent in Lynchburg hanging out with Jessi. That was very relaxing and very much needed. It was great to finally meet Sam. I can't wait to get them to come up here to visit us! I got to show Janine around the old part of town, through downtown, and up Rivermont. She was fascinated by the housing there. It's still reasonably priced and it's got that old house charactor feel to it. I'm with her, I hope we can get a nice big older with a lot of stories in it...just not.....haunted!

We got to see Borat with Sam and Jessi. That is one crazy film! We watched it again at Janine's mom's house. It's actually better with closed captioning. I could understand what they were saying a lot better....and I missed some jokes the first time around.

Things are getting back to normal now. We're back on our work routines, I have a lot of house cleaning to do tonight, mostly cleaning up after Topaz, grrr.

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