Sunday, April 29, 2007

D Ray's Bash n Stuff

Janine and I had a great time last night! We went to our friend Darrell's birthday party. He's not doing half bad for a 40 year old.

We got there right on time, which is a major accomplishment for us, and went out to their back deck to have beers and hang out. A lot of people showed up. It's got to be great to have so many good friends like that. The food was great, the food was better, and the fellowship (I love that word sometimes), was awesome. D Ray's fiance, Tracy was a good host. It's hard to keep that many people in one one time.

We mostly sat out back and listened to some of these off the wall stories. Most of these guys are in bands and have been through some crazy shit, so it was extremly entertaining. It's always great to hear drunken stories about winding up in the wrong part of Atlantic City and getting harrassed by hookers. Great times.

I'll post pictures later on. Janine has the camera with her and she's at work today. The good news is that she's off all next week, so she'll finally get some time to relax! We're going to spend the week getting the house ready for Jessi and Sam who will be dropping in next Friday to check out the premiere of Spider Man 3. We're all excited and I hope to be having good times on our back deck.

I just need to get some tiki torches..and some chairs.


  1. ummm... sherry just called and there is a bunch of shit going down at work, so we all have to work friday saturday and sunday next weekend... 12 hour shifts... sorry dude... maybe catch the movie another weekend...

  2. Hey Mr. McMike...what exactly do you mean by not doing half bad for being 40? Hmm? Please, feel free to explain. LOL

    My word verification is "okakmqua." I think I've been making similar noises since our first softball practice on Sunday. heh